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Tip Tuesday - Self Landing

Have you been wanting to hit the beach by yourself for the first time, but are worried about not having someone to land your kite?

For this #tiptuesday, we are talking self landing!

To safely self land your kite, follow these easy steps:

  • Pull your release just like you do for the self rescue procedure with your kite resting on the water.

  • Now that your kite is flagged out, work your way hand over hand down the safety line until you reach your kite.

  • Once at your kite, move it on to the beach and secure it with sand or other object such as a kiteboard.

  • Walk out your lines downwind (before detaching them from the kite) just like during the setup of the kite. This will ensure they are not tangled before wrapping them up for the day.

Ideally you will perform this technique in knee to waist deep water far enough from the beach so that when your kite flags out, it does not land on the beach. If this is not possible, get yourself into shallow water near the beach and pull your release with your kite out toward the water.

While there are many more advanced techniques to use for landing your kite post-session, we recommend using this way to ensure the highest safety possible.

Remember, always land using an assistant when there is someone around who can safely land your kite.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to answer them. If you would like to learn this technique in a safe and controlled environment, book a lesson with one of Oregon Kiteboarding's certified instructors. They would be happy to assist you in your learning process.

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